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  • Parabolic Illustrations: Matthew 15

    In this fifteenth chapter we find a parable, and a parabolic illustration. The parable is in the eleventh verse, and our Lordís explanation occurs in verses seventeen to twenty. Then in connection with another incident in His ministry we have a parabolic illustration in verse twenty-six.

    It is necessary that we understand the subject which He was illustrating, when He uttered a parable. To do that we must go back to see the occasion upon which our Lord used these words and this illustration.

    There had come to Him a deputation from Jerusalem. By this time He was approaching the end of His third year of ministry. That third year culminated at Caesarea Philippi, which account is in the next chapter. So He was approaching the end of the central period of public ministry, so full of interest. Hostility to Him on the part of the rulers, spiritual, moral, and civil, which had manifested itself from the beginning, had grown with the passing of the years.

  • Parabolic Illustrations: Matthew 16

    "I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of heaven." Again we can interpret that figure of speech only according to the times. It was perfectly familiar. That great order of scribes for a long time had looked upon keys as the insignia of their office, as the interpreters of the moral law. So He made use of the figure to show that the Church was not only to be built on rock, and therefore invulnerable; not only to be the attacking force against which the force of Hell should not prevail; but that she should be in the world to enforce the laws, in the sense of moral standards; to bind, to declare that which is obligatory; to lose, to declare that what is voluntary. So in these figures used by our Lord, rock, gates, and keys, eternal truths are revealed concerning the Church which He is building.




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