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ERM aims to make available to the French-speaking Church a great number of resources likely TO BRING her BACK to God, edify her and STIMULATE her into a PREVALENT PRAYER life. The articles presented on this site represent only a small portion of such resources. A great deal of other English articles are in the process of being translated into French. Nehemiahís Prayer Watch was born after two and a half years of intensive, prayerful work of translation combined with innumerable hours of language correction, at an average rate of 1 hour per day, with a very reduced team.

The spiritual stakes that such a challenge represents are incommensurable. When the light of divine truth is hidden under the bushel of error and the false ideas of the present age, even hiding God's revelation, the darkness of ignorance starts to invade the Church which then becomes formless, powerless and apostatized. But when, just as with each period of Reformation, the truths of God are restored and spread by the quickening Breath of the Spirit, the Church of Christ awakens and rises out of her ashes. Thus the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg made it possible to give the Word of God back to the people and that invaluable Bible was the seed from which the Great Protestant Reformation germinated. This mighty move of God catapulted the Church out of 12 centuries of obscurantism, superstition and error. The state of the French-speaking Church today strangely enough is similar to that of the Church before the Reformation. Although we have free access to the Bible and have Christian books in great number, much of what has been written contributes only to support the extinction of the seeds of life and power of the true Gospel - the doctrine of Christ. Moreover, the French-speaking evangelical literature cruelly lacks the powerful writings resulting from generations of past revivals, conversely to the English-speacking Church that enjoys an impressive heritage bequeathed by former saints. Why is there such an absence? Partly because France has continually been a minefield where the spirit of the Antichrist has sought to destroy the vital seeds of faith through severe persecutions against the genuine children of God. The forces of hell systematically worked to annihilate the male child (Revelation 12:12-17), the fruit of revival, by decapitating the reformers and the saints of God alike, and by burning their writings, thus preventing the transmission of the spiritual inheritance given birth to in sufferings, tears and persecution. Moreover, instead of forming the minds into the knowledge of the principles and the eternal truths of the Word of God leading to Christ, France fatally preferred to walk on the slippery ground of Enlightenment's philosophies, thus building the bases of an anti-Christian cartesianism or a stillborn religious teaching locked up in a deceiving and mortal rhetoric.

But the light of the Gospel of Jesus-Christ never fades away! The voices of the Huguenot martyrs have risen for several centuries towards the One who sits on the throne so that God may give again to the French Church the invaluable eternal truths of grace. And today the Spirit of God is seeking to revive again the French-speaking heritage of the Reformation by transmitting the spiritual fatherhood of our Anglo-Saxon brothers to the French-speaking Church. If, from the 18th century onward, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Robespierre and others set up the idol "Supreme Reason" in France as a pagan divinity who has since taken control of the whole destiny of the nation through the dark influence of the Masonic and antichrist thought and worship, God today wants to give back to France the True Light, the full light of the Kingdom of God. We could here paraphrase Frédéric Godet: "The saints, the virgin, had eclipsed the Lord in the heart of his people. A powerful breath of the divine Spirit is needed to sweep this impure vapor; a violent commotion in the highest places becomes necessary to rid the hearts of these intruding stars. The Sun of life must rise again." (Frédéric Godet, History of Reformation in the Country of Neuchâtel).

Can we rejoice in ourselves by anticipating the passion for the Lord and the hunger for a holiness revival which would be ignited within the Church of Jesus-Christ should she only be taught the great eternal truths of God which, in the past, have produced visitations of God and transformed lives in a way that is unknown to us today? Are we aware of the urgency with which we have to enrich the Church with the invaluable writings of our faith fathers through this work of translation for the seeding of hearts? Arenít our hearts pounding with emotion while knowing that, if a greater number of Christians agreed to enter a corporate work by placing at the disposal of the Body their own natural capacities and their available time with an aim of accelerating this work of translation, it would be possible for us to escape the divine verdict, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children." (Hosea 4:6).

Oh, may we make up our minds now not to yield any longer before the stratagems of diversion of the enemy of our souls who tries to waste our moral, intellectual and spiritual forces and energies and the various natural talents that the Lord assigned to each of us! May our Father, in His great grace gather and bind all of us in one vision- the apostle Paul stated: "I do one thing, I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 3:14) - so that we may not be any more a people of God dispersed in thousand activities without the plumbline of a divine vision satisfying Godís expectation with respect to His Church for this present time!

This is why ERM is sounding the call for participation on the part of those who have been or will be blessed by reading the articles posted on this web site, and have become aware of the urgent call coming from God to enter DESPERATE and ANGUISHED PRAYER for revival. Will you be one of these men and women who are yearning to shake the dust of church conformism and wish to propagate the flames of an extreme love for the Saviour, while taking part in the propagation of writings on prevailing prayer through this work of translation, at your own pace? We shall give you work - translation from English, correction of French texts, revisions, input of manuscripts into the computer, transcription of sermons recorded on audio cassettes in French as well as in English, etc. - for the advance of His kingdom, while directing your attention on His vision.

If you feel a call for this type of work, we ask you to make yourselves known without delay by filling out the form "Contacting us" in the Contact section and by checking the box, "I wish to help the Nehemiah's Prayer Watch ministry by making my skills available to its service". You will then be numbered among our privileged volunteer translators and receive a login and a confidential password giving you free access to the protected section of the resources to be translated (click here). You will then only have to select a text for translation and to email it back to us once the task has been accomplished.

ERM also is searching for partners in the work who have the desire to help us propagate the writings contained on this site but in hardcopy format, so that more people can benefit - ministers and laymen alike who do not all have Internet. We plan to publish a free hardcopy edition of this site (either in the form of a book, or a regular magazine). If you are a Christian printer or editor, or an ordinary person yet possessing sufficient publishing facilities, and wish to voluntarily make your resources and abilities for the sake of the Kingdom of God, as a love offering for the service of the Master, we also invite you to fill in the form "Contacting us" by checking the box, "I wish to become a partner of the Nehemiah's Prayer Watch" ministry by proposing my publishing services". The resources are protected by copyright for the main two following reasons: firstly, to prevent their use for commercial purposes, because ERM neither wants to support nor to maintain a mercantile system generated by a spirit which does not correspond to the pure Gospel of Jesus-Christ; secondly, to prevent that they be used in a selective manner in another context than that of a biblical vision of revival. This is meant in order to promote neither counterfeit movements nor intentions incompatible with the requirements of holiness of heart, nor to alter the true message of revival. All the resources form one whole quite as consistent as law and grace together, or love and truth, or the Old Testament and the New Testament, or judgment and revival. But we encourage their free propagation to the greatest number of Christians by all possible means.

If you have already subscribed, click on the button below to reach the section "Resources To Be Translated". Otherwise, fill in the form "Contacting us" in the Contact section to obtain a login and a confidential password.


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