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Isaiah 62:1-7Nehemiah's Prayer Watch

Martyn LLoyd-JonesThe Urgent Need for Revival Today
by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1959)
"Indeed, I do not hesitate to go so far as to say that unless we as individual Christians are feeling a grave concern about the state of the Church and the world today then we are very poor Christians indeed. If we are people who come to the Christian Church merely in order to get some personal help, and no more, then we are the veriest babes in Christ. If we have grown at all, then we must have a concern about the situation, a concern about the state of society, a concern about the state of the Church and a concern about the armour of almighty God. It is, I repeat, a matter that should come home to every one of us. " Read

Charles G. FinneyWhen God Comes to New York
by Charles Finney  

"The whole town was full of prayer. Go where you would, you heard the voice of prayer. If you were walking down, the street and two or three Christians happened to be together, they were praying. Wherever they met, they prayed. Wherever there was a sinner unconverted, especially if he showed any opposition, you would find some two or three brothers or sisters agreeing to make him a special subject of prayer."

Dwight L. MoodyWhy God Used Moody
by R.A. Torrey 
"I am glad that power did not belong to D. L. Moody; I am glad that it did not belong to Charles G. Finney; I am glad that it did not belong to Martin Luther; I am glad that it did not belong to any other Christian man whom God has greatly used in this world's history. Power belongs to God. If D. L. Moody had any power, and he had great power, he got it from God."

Women of prayerThe Women of Prayer Who Changed The World! 
"I am ashamed to think of it - two sisters, one eighty-two and one eight-four, the latter blind. These two women developed a great heart concern for God to do something in the parish and gave themselves to waiting upon God in their little cottage." - Duncan Campbell

Evan RobertsThe Welsh Revival
What God did in Wales through Evan Roberts should be an object lesson to the world. We desperately need revival today in order to see God glorified and to stem the tide of godlessness. A heaven-sent burden is needed concerning the sins of our world and of our churches. Sustained prayer must be the norm if we are to experience the birth pangs of a new spiritual era.

E.M. BoundsRevivals That Stay
by E.M. Bounds 
"There are counterfeit revivals well executed, well calculated to deceive the most wary. These are deceptive and superficial, with many pleasant, entertaining, delusive features, entirely lacking in the offensive features which distinguish the genuine ones. The pain of penitence, the shame of guilt, the sorrow and humiliation of sin, the fear of hell-these marks of the genuine are lacking in the counterfeit. The test of a genuine revival is found in its staying qualities." Read

A burning heartDaniel Nash: Prevailing Prince of Prayer 
by J. Paul Reno
"Shall I tell you how he died? He prayed more and more; he used to take the map of the world before him, and pray, and look over the different countries and pray for them, till he expired in his room, praying. Blessed man! He was the reproach of the ungodly, and of carnal, unbelieving professors; but he was the favorite of Heaven, and a prevailing prince of prayer."- Charles Finney



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