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Isaiah 62:1-7Nehemiah's Prayer Watch

Revival History Sites

Asahel Nettleton
The sermons & life of one of the leading revivalists of the Second Great Awakening
Barton Stone Page

An important resource for studying the Cane Ridge revival
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

An extensive collection of classic Christian writings
Christian Word Ministries

A good collection of articles and sermons on Revival History
Congo Revival

A glimpse into a much neglected move of the Spirit
God Sent Fire 
A growing revival history page with some excellent material

Heman Humphrey

"Revival sketches & manual"- A classic work on the history & principles of revival

James Caughey
"Revival Miscellanies"- A classic series of revival addresses & narratives
Jonathan Edwards

Revival sermons by Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards Online

Various sermons and biographies of Jonathan Edwards
Lectures on Revivals by Edward Norris Kirk

A classic work on the principles and purposes of revival

Leonard Ravenhill

Revival sermons by the late Leonard Ravenhill

Methodist Archives

(John Rylands Library)An extensive collection of links to various Methodist history sites
Moravian Historical Links

An excellent resource for studying the Moravian church
Origins of the Pentecostal Movement

The revival & holiness roots of the Pentecostal Movement by Vinson Synan, Ph.D
Pentecostal History
(Azusa Street Home Page)
An excellent collection of primary source material on the Azusa Street Revival

Revival in the North-East of England
- "Andy's Revival Page"
Revival under James Caughey, William Booth, Stephen & George Jeffreys and others.
Robert Murray M'Cheyne

An entire web page on the life & works of M'Cheyne
Robert Murray M'Cheyne -The Cry For Revival

An urgent call for revival

Student Revival & Missions Sites

The Uprising 
Inciting passionate relationship & radical obedience to Jesus!
Passion Network 

An online revival network for this generation!

The Traveling Team
(Todd & Jess)
Mobilizing college students to GROW in Christ & GO to the unreached!

World Missions Sites

Heart of God Ministries
Cross-cultural training & missionary boot camp
Your gateway to missions networking
Antioch Network

Equipping local churches to GO to the unreached
Asian Minorities Outreach
Ministering to the Asian ethnic minorities who are the least helped.
Strategic World Impact

Ministering to the persecuted Church around the world

Discipleship Sites

Times Square Church Pulpit Series
Challenging sermons by David Wilkerson
Last Days Ministries

The ministry of the late Keith Green
Living Water Publications

The ministry of Ray Comfort -"Hell's Best Kept Secret"
Ministry of Helps

The discipleship & youth ministry of Winkie Pratney

Puritan Sermons 

The Pilgrim's Page
A online John Bunyan archive
The Richard Baxter Homepage

An excellent collection of sermons by the puritan revivalist Richard Baxter
The Thomas Watson Reading Room
A online archive of our FAVORITE puritan preacher!


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