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Living Torches Seminar
Rebuilding Individual, Family and Corporate Altars! 

God is calling and equipping many Christians throughout the world so that they may produce a radical impact on their generation for Jesus! Many disciples today are hungry for something else than a simple surface or stagnant, status quo Christianity. They have realized that in most churches enormous breaches appear and a discrepancy exists between what is taught and what is lived in daily individual lives, between emphatic rhetoric on revival and the genuine Christian lives. They are mourning over the hecatomb which has stricken the Church from the inside: broken identities, loss of biblical models of the family and the couple, fatherhood deficiency, destruction of biblical relationships, invasion of sin and worldliness, smooth messages, heresies, innovations and multiplied spiritual deceptions, denominational, pyramidal leaderships and authoritarism. Hence, they long for higher degrees of personal purity, brokenness, and mercy for the sake of the nations. They sigh after a genuine Gospel of the Cross, which will bring the individual lives, the couples, the families and the Church back to God's moral principles and the full lordship of Christ.

Have you heard this call and Jesus' cries? Is this your vision? Will you be one of those who will push back the mountain peaks of convenient Christianity and move into the eternal purposes of God? If this reflects your passion and prayer, we encourage you to consider this seminar especially designed to provide you with practical bases for a healthy rebuilding and strengthening of individual, marital and family altars, through a covenant walk in obedience to the Lord and an exercise of biblical priesthood. It will also equip the churches with spiritual insight enabling them to discern and avoid spiritual counterfeits and deceptions, and will communicate a biblical vision of the New Testament Church whose vocation is to edify herself in all her parts into the perfect stature of Christ. This very intense seminar is meant to cleanse and strengthen the Body's cells, in order to revive living torches animated by the Spirit of God. It tears down and destroys erroneous teachings and conceptions usually too widespread in the Church, and sets up instead foundational bases related to practical Christian life on which prayer altars can be built. It aims at bringing back within the Church the true notion of God's fatherhood, so that spiritual fathers and mothers with a true shepherd's heart may rise, able to exude the life of Christ and take care of the wounded and the weak. It prepares the people of God to a holy and sober life for the coming chaotic times and persecutions. We suggest this seminar as a precondition to the other following seminars.

Principles and Practice of Corporate Prayer
Building Houses of Prayer and Biblical Solemn Assemblies

Whatever the direction in which you turn today, you hear ministers and laymen alike expressing their deep hunger for a genuine revival in their local church. Yet, much of these same churches and ministries do not even hold one regular prayer meeting a week. Where such prayer meetings exist, they are often poorly attended and ineffective. And paradoxically, the churches and the movements which preach active and militant "spiritual warfare" prayer bring Christians into an immense cluster of disillusion and illusions, leading them even more astray and away from Christ's humility and heart. Truly, it is sad to be said that the corporate prayer meeting, full with fervor, rising from a holy respectful worship, is not any more a relevant and powerful force today in the life of many local churches! If our churches and communities wish to enjoy a true move of God, the prayer meeting must be given honor. Our Prayer Seminars are designed to give you clear and practical guidelines on how to conduct a responsible and effective prayer meeting. Careful consideration is given to the principles and the practices, which strengthen the corporate prayer and the various things that weaken and divide it. They explore various types of prayer and fasting, of which Esther's fast. Another significant part of this seminar relates to the biblical principles of building autonomous houses of prayer and Solemn Biblical Assemblies able to reproduce. Any prayer group or ministry needing renewed a focus on hearts unity and prayer will greatly benefit from this clear and practical information. These seminars usually are accompanied by a corporate time of prayer and fasting according to the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Defining the Purpose, the Process
& Revival Power

Many within the Church today are scanning the horizon for the coming of a mighty end-time revival. A growing number of HUNGRY hearts are anticipating a true supernatural move of God. Such expectations are rightly justified. For the fires of revival are surely coming! Nevertheless, hunger alone is never a sure guarantee for future blessing. Our hunger for revival must be directed by the Holy Spirit in accordance with Godís Biblical principles. We must learn how to seek revival on Godís terms and in Godís way. It is not Godís will that His people be confused about how to prepare for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Heart of Fire Revival Seminar will help eliminate some of the present confusion over how to define the principles and purposes of revival and thus help many of us to be better prepared for the GLORY that is still to come. The seminar is broken up into three different segments: The Purpose of Revival, The Process of Revival & The Power of Revival.

Organization and Progress of the Seminars

The prayer and revival seminars are conducted mainly by Brother Lars and given in that case in English with simultaneous translation into French. The Living Torches seminar involves various teachers, according to the Holy Spirit's guidance. Initially, all the seminars will take place only twice or thrice a year. Requests of the churches and the people wishing to attend any of these seminars are gathered until the minimal threshold of 30-50 participants is attained. For this purpose fill in the contact form in the Contact section, by checking the corresponding box. We will then inform you of the date of the next seminar, and you will be asked to confirm your attendance. In the future however, we envisage proposing these seminars upon request of churches and home cells, either in France or in the French-speaking world. Each seminar will generally consist of several sessions of roughly an hour and a half each. Nevertheless, we wish to give full freedom to the Holy Spirit and we do not guarantee any fixed program. The seminars will be beneficial only if each attendee prepares himself in prayer and this spirit of prayer is cultivated during all their unfolding. May we all remain in a deep spirit of prayer, so that at the end of each meeting, the Lord may give us the grace to be involved together in a vibrant intercession in which the Spirit of God will be able to pour His unspeakable sighs. These seminars are designed in the spirit of discipleship aiming at an autonomous and mature multiplication of prayer groups for the equipping of the Church.



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