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Articles and Messages by Arthur Katz

  • Prayer and Worship

    We had prayer meetings for ten years in the first Ben Israel community, and there were occasions when those meetings were agonizing and painful. We sat and looked at each other in a room face-to-face in silence. Everything was itching for something to be said. Nobody had a prayer, nobody had a word, nobody had a thought and we waited and we waited and we waited. Our ears are voluptuous. Sound and sight are sensual things. They are the senses, and our senses want to be gratified with something to hear, something to see, something to speak or something to do. Silence is death to the senses and asserts the primacy of the rule of God over our senses that want to have an independent existence from Him. Waiting is a form of dying, and we could have alleviated that because we were clever enough. We could have said something or broken into a chorus. It was a suffering until someone finally prayed something or said something, but the sessions that began in that kind of painful death frequently, if not invariably, ended in glory.

  • A Priesthood Made Ready For The Future

    I have heard estimable men of God say, ‘No there cannot be another temple, there cannot be a resumption of sacrifice’, because they hold so jealously the sacrifice of Jesus as the Lamb of God. But they are forgetting that in the same way that previous sacrifice pointed to that once and for all, resumed sacrifice can point back to the once and for all as a memorial and as a reminder. It will detract nothing from the efficacy of that sacrifice but rather enhance it.

    This means that there has to be a priesthood that performs it. I am therefore directing your attention to Ezekiel chapter 44 and to the last chapters of the great prophet. Ezekiel is a prophet of judgment and of restoration, like Jeremiah and Isaiah – those prophets that did not withhold themselves from bringing the oracle of God that spoke of a future judgment of such severity of expulsion and exile are exactly the same prophets to whom the privilege is given to speak of restoration and return. If you withhold yourself from the one, you will be denied the privilege of the other. If you do not want to speak of hard things, you will not be able to speak of glorious things.





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