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  • The Lack Of Prayer

    Let us not fear to admit to the full the sin that shames us, and then to face it in the name of our Mighty Redeemer. The light that shows us our sin and condemns us for it, will show us the way out of it into the life of liberty that is well-pleasing to God. If we allow this one matter, unfaithfulness in prayer, to convict us of the lack in our Christian life which lies at the root of it, God will use the discovery to bring us not only the power to pray that we long for, but the joy of a new and healthy life, of which prayer is the spontaneous expression.

  • The Son - On The Right Hand Of God

    If we would obtain this blessed knowledge of our Lord, and the blessed life in the experience of His power, Scripture has a prayer for us (Ephesians 1:17-22), that we will do well to pray often: "That the God of our Lord Jesus would give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation, that we may know what is the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe, according to that working of the strength of His might which He wrought in Christ, when He made Him to sit at His right hand in the heavenlies." Let us pray for this spirit of divine illumination; let us study and adore the strength of Godís might that lifted Him to the throne; and let us believe joyfully, that that power works in us every day to lift us up and enable us to live as those who are set with Him in the heavenlies. And let us sing with out ceasing: Praised be God for such a Saviour.

  • The Danger Of Neglecting So Great Salvation

    Yes, this is the greatness of the great salvation Ė in its offer THE THREE-ONE GOD comes to us. The Lord preached, the Father bare witness the Holy Spirit came the power of God to work. What a salvation! What sin to neglect it! May God reveal to us, as we study this Epistle, the glory of the so great salvation, that we may indeed more abundantly take heed to it.

  • The Temple of The Holy Spirit

    Man is Godís temple. In him, too, there are the three parts. In the body you have the outer court, the external visible life, where all the conduct has to be regulated by Godís law, and where all the service consists in looking to that which is done without us and for us to bring us nigh to God. Then there is the soul, with its inner life, its power of mind and feeling and will. In the regenerate man this is the Holy Place, where thoughts and affections and desires move to and fro as the priests of the sanctuary, rendering God their service in the full light of consciousness. And then comes within the veil, hidden from all human sight and light, the hidden inmost sanctuary, Ď the secret place of the Most High,í where God dwells, and where man may not enter, until the veil is rent at Godís own bidding.

  • The World Made Subject to Man, Not to Angels

    All that God works in nature in heaven or on earth, in the stars or in the trees, He does from within, by laws that pervade their whole existence. All that Adam wrought in us is from within, by a power that rules our inmost life. And all that Christ does for us, whether as Son of God or Son of Man, is equally and entirely a work done within us. It is when we know that He is one with us and we with Him, even as was the case with Adam, that we shall know how truly our destiny will be realised in Him. His oneness with us is the pledge, our oneness with Him the power, of our redemption.

  • We See Jesus Crowned with Glory and Honour

    What a glorious contrast! We see not yet all things subjected to him, that is, to man: but Ė what is far better Ė we see Jesus crowned with glory and honour. When we look round upon this world, with all its sin and misery, it does indeed not appear as if man was destined to be higher than the angels, and to have dominion over all the works of Godís hands. But when we remember that Jesus became Man, that He might taste death for all men, and that He, a Man upon the throne, now lives as our Surety, our Redeemer, and our Head, it is enough if we see Him crowned with glory and honour. In that we have the pledge that He will one day bring man to that glory and honour too. In that we have the assurance that He is using all that glory and honour even now on our behalf. We see not yet all things subjected to man, but Ė we see Jesus crowned with honour and glory. Blessed contrast!


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